Product Introduction
■ Product Introduction


1. Introduction

The most common auto's suspension system was designed for the city & street driving. It will have unstable handling when driving in high speed or mountaining,especially the rear-seat passengers will feel dizzy when climbing mountain. In addition the rear of the car would sink when fully loaded.

However, common lowering springs on the tuning market are often features handling & drivability. They will have much drop and increase the spring rate substantially to sustain the body. So it will lead to the shock damage for the spring stroke lower too much and feel more hard riding. In addition, Drop too much will lead not easy to park underground or mechanic parking towers.

Therefore, we have launched the new generation or the lowering springs – TRIPLE S performance springs. We enhanced the handling and drivability but reserve comfort by our unique technology and over 45 years accumulated experience to improve the unstable, understeering and dizzy problem. We hope the owner can have a stable driving to keep family safe. In addition, Triple S have measured & consider the stroke of the shock absorbers when design the spring. It can get a good looking and more stable driving handling, The most importance of all, it can protect the shock absorber to avoid piston rod have collision with the end of the absorber.

2. Material & Make
TRIPLE S Springs’s material is SAE9254 which a silicon aluminum alloy material. We have used cold forging manufacturing procedure for our all product. Although the cold forging material cost and molding technology higher than hot forging, but cold forged springs have a higher stress bearing and better precision than hot forged springs. Most importantly, our exclusive technique allows us to crystallize the material, allowing even stronger and longer performance for our springs of Triple S.

TRIPLE S Springs are manufactured by Yang Min Enterprise, the leading manufacturer of springs in Taiwan. Yang Min has been providing high quality OEM springs for major car makes and international brand worldwide over 44 years. All the TRIPLE S springs are tested in accordance to manufacturer standards, such as salt spray test, tensile test, a 300,000 times fatigue test, as well as actual road test of Triple S.

TRIPLE S Springs contribute to exceed the lowering springs. We doesn’t just focused on much drop, we hope to develop TRIPLE S spring suitable for each individual vehicle. We enhanced the handling and drivability but reserve comfort. TRIPLE S lowering spring is differ from the general spring, It’s a new generation of lowering spring. We individually designed according to measurement and testing of each individual car model. We hope to overcome the side effect from general lowering springs that damage the shock and bouncing to allow lowering springs was accepted by public and family. Therefore our another slogan is “Caring for family”.

TRIPLE S Springs wanTriple S the driver to enjoy the driving experience safer, and the family to experience the drive happier.